Yes, I'm writting my blog now.
I'm sick of stuDYING these days. A lot of homework to do (they're so hard) and a lot of classes to attend. I'm always asking myself why we must learn things that we will not use in future. I mean, why I must learn "pi" and something like that which I dont know what it written in English. I dont use "pi" when I'm going out or doing things. Calculator do it, not me. Why must I learn how to prove some obviously things, like this line parallel with that line OTL
But in the end, I'm still stuDYING. There are 3 months left till the day I take my examination. I will try my best to do it and stop all the MATHS things right after the exam is over.
Tired ! Damn you exams !

galaxias! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ


I'm gleaming sparkling
dreaming breathing

Recently, I'm finding a song to dance cover! I've done "GIFT" by GUMI and "Sadistic Love" by Rin, now I'm practicing "galaxias!". Danceroid's girls are so cute! Look at their fluffy fluffy colorful skirts! Okay, let's dance (~`v`)~